Monday, August 18, 2014

Menu Plan Monday, What's going with that kitchen?

Hello, friends! Back again for Menu Plan Monday.  A few repeats this week as I've found that I probably need to count on more leftovers with one less mouth to feed at home. (Miles left for college just last week, but already it feels like he's been gone too long!)

Here is a look at this week's menu board.

Monday: Spinach and Chicken

This one was supposed to be made last week,  Spinach and Artichoke Chicken. Like I said we ended up with plenty of food in the fridge. And then, I didn't realize I was out of artichokes and only had chicken breast cooked until it was too late.  So I added a bit of leftover cajun sausage. It was delicious addition, if not quite the recipe. I made a few more changes that I think were a good addition, as well.  I'll have to share after I can make it again with artichokes.

Tuesday: Chicken Cordon Blue with Spicy Cajun Sauce

Wednesday: Leftovers

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Master Bathroom Makeover Reveal, Phase 1

When we purchased our "new" home earlier this year, we knew eventually we would make some fairly significant changes to the master bathroom.

But for a while, we thought we would be good with a fresh coat of paint. The bathroom functioned and we thought we would focus our efforts solely on the kitchen, despite the minor crack in one of the sinks.

Amazingly enough, the sink didn't leak, but the faucets did. In an effort to remedy the minor water seepage, we found ourselves with only one faucet that worked and only the hot water tap!

After a plumber checked it out, (he was here to run a gas line for the BBQ pit) he said the old faucets weren't worth the effort it would take to fix and that new faucets were the way to go.

That created a big dilemma.  Do we purchase faucets to fit the current sinks, even the half broken one? Or do we go ahead and start what Phase 1 of the bathroom renovation.

I'm sure you've figured out by now, we chose the later.

And thankfully so, because look where we ended up.

We had already made a good start with brightening the walls with paint before we moved in. So at least we had that step complete.

To keep our focus on a creating a budget makeover, I visited a local granite showroom, Premier Surfaces in search of remnant pieces of stone to replace the countertops of the vanities. They assured me it was a cost effective way update a bathroom.  I had already done some shopping and found that remnant granite prices were not that much more than cultured marble.

Menu for this Week

Okay, so I'm fully aware today is Tuesday, but I promised to post the Blogland Tour on Monday and didn't get our menu finalized until this morning.

Here's a look at this week's menu. You'll notice a little more variety here.  We are missing Miles, who went off to college this weekend, but we are coping by having more "girly food" options.  Poor Richard will either join us or eat leftovers. ;)

Monday: Lettuce Wraps

This is a newly added recipe.  I couldn't believe it wasn't already at the Paper Daisy Kitchen.

Tuesday: Tikka Masala

Okay, this is totally a box mix from Target.  Emily thought it looked interesting so we are going to see what we think.

Wednesday: Leslie's Dry Rubbed Grilled Chicken and Alabama White Sauce

The rub is a favorite rub of mine, but the Alabama White Sauce is something new to us and I'm working on perfecting it.  I can tell you this, we may never be Alabama football fans, but we are all Alabama White Sauce fans!

Thursday: Spinach and Artichoke Chicken

Found this new recipe on Pinterest last night.  Can't go wrong with a Spinach and Artichoke Dip inspired recipe.  I'll give it my spin and report back.

Friday: Chicken and Butterbean stew

Going to try and carve out some time to cook my friend's favorite recipe.

Saturday: Leftovers

Sunday: Slow Cooker French Dip Sandwiches

I'll be back this afternoon with the promised Master Bathroom Phase 1 remodel reveal!!  

Monday, August 11, 2014

Welcome, Blogland Tour!

I'm taking a little break from my regularly scheduled Menu Plan Monday this week to participate in the Blogland tour.  The tour is designed to introduce you to new fantastic bloggers around blogland  and learn what drives them creatively.

I was invited to participate from Amy at Atta Girl Says
Beyond being savvy furniture painter, she shares her crafty, sassy, vintage-loving self on her blog daily.  And what beautiful pieces of furniture and styling she creates!

She started painting furniture when she moved into a bigger house three years ago and needed an affordable way to furnish…makeover madness got a bit out of hand. She kept finding wonderful pieces to paint so she opened a booth at an antique store and started doing custom work. 

What's not to love about her custom stools and chairs?

And like any good blogger, she shares how to create your own a Fabulous Chair Makeovers as well.

She began blogging as an outlet for her creativity, and of because she loves sharing ideas to make your home brighter and your heart lighter. You’ll find lots of great info on her page. Make sure you check out some of her home tours too! Her place is so pretty! Please show her some love at

Now it's my turn to share my answers to the creative questions posed to me.

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