Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Menu Plan for Labor Day weekend

Let's just forget that this is supposed to be Menu Plan Monday. Maybe I need to create a banner that just says Menu Plan. Ha!

Anyway, here's a look at this week's menu.  We are hoping to have some family in for the weekend which is what took me a little longer to put our menu together.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Quick tips for painting bead board ceiling

Ok, I'm going to try and make this a quickie post.  I've got crown molding to paint, but I was very surprised at how well painting the bead board ceiling went.

I'm pretty certain it's because I had the right tools. After watching my dear husband deal with aches and pains after painting the bead board on the porch, I knew I'd have to come up with some better options.

Here are my Quick tips for Painting Bead board ceiling.

1. Use a small roller and prep.

Ceilings are always a chore to paint.  It's over your head and it's just plain hard on your body.  After watching my husband struggle to paint our screened porch ceiling, which is also bead board, I knew my weak arms couldn't tolerate a heavy roller. So before I started in the kitchen, I went searching and asking questions at my local Sherwin Williams.  I told the sweet guy helping me I wanted to use a small roller and he suggested this one. (Although my stripes are blue.)

Contractor Series® Woven Gold Stripe Mini Rollers 2 Pack - 6"
The nap was durable and perfectly thick enough for getting into the grooves of the boards, but not enough to splatter paint everywhere. (I was so concerned about that I donned a handkerchief  "do rag."  I'm sure you'd love a photo of that one, but unfortunately no one was home to photograph me. Ha!)

And when I say this roller was durable, I should probably elaborate.  Because the bead board is probably original to the house, it had several patches where the paint had kind of flaked and the ceiling was very rough.  I probably should have sanded the whole thing down, but instead I just focused on the most offensive parts and just covered the rest with paint. This left spots that were pretty prickly and this roller did not shred or lose fibers at all.  A sponge roller would have lost chunks and died rather quickly.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Menu Plan Monday, What's going with that kitchen?

Hello, friends! Back again for Menu Plan Monday.  A few repeats this week as I've found that I probably need to count on more leftovers with one less mouth to feed at home. (Miles left for college just last week, but already it feels like he's been gone too long!)

Here is a look at this week's menu board.

Monday: Spinach and Chicken

This one was supposed to be made last week,  Spinach and Artichoke Chicken. Like I said we ended up with plenty of food in the fridge. And then, I didn't realize I was out of artichokes and only had chicken breast cooked until it was too late.  So I added a bit of leftover cajun sausage. It was delicious addition, if not quite the recipe. I made a few more changes that I think were a good addition, as well.  I'll have to share after I can make it again with artichokes.

Tuesday: Chicken Cordon Blue with Spicy Cajun Sauce

Wednesday: Leftovers

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Master Bathroom Makeover Reveal, Phase 1

When we purchased our "new" home earlier this year, we knew eventually we would make some fairly significant changes to the master bathroom.

But for a while, we thought we would be good with a fresh coat of paint. The bathroom functioned and we thought we would focus our efforts solely on the kitchen, despite the minor crack in one of the sinks.

Amazingly enough, the sink didn't leak, but the faucets did. In an effort to remedy the minor water seepage, we found ourselves with only one faucet that worked and only the hot water tap!

After a plumber checked it out, (he was here to run a gas line for the BBQ pit) he said the old faucets weren't worth the effort it would take to fix and that new faucets were the way to go.

That created a big dilemma.  Do we purchase faucets to fit the current sinks, even the half broken one? Or do we go ahead and start what Phase 1 of the bathroom renovation.

I'm sure you've figured out by now, we chose the later.

And thankfully so, because look where we ended up.

We had already made a good start with brightening the walls with paint before we moved in. So at least we had that step complete.

To keep our focus on a creating a budget makeover, I visited a local granite showroom, Premier Surfaces in search of remnant pieces of stone to replace the countertops of the vanities. They assured me it was a cost effective way update a bathroom.  I had already done some shopping and found that remnant granite prices were not that much more than cultured marble.

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